Sam's Campaign

Faulty Ignition

Sera went with her companions back to the trading post in a very brooding state. She felt like her years of training had proven useless over the last week and she felt weak. Perhaps it was the exhaustion of her escape from captivity, but something was definitely off. Almost taken down by an elk for Calistria’s sake! She could not fail like that again, she would not allow it. She began her forms, one after another and went long into the night. The constant rhythm of the familiar forms put her into a trance of sorts and allowed her mind to refresh as the night went on.

The darkness itself was soothing, for she knew it held at bay those that were after her. The lack of color at night used to bother her, but now the gray shades around her allowed her to focus more on what she was doing and achieve a deeper calm. She imagined the bandits from earlier and how she had let her weapon slip from her grasp as she jumped from the cart; her grip on the hilt tightened. She remembered the look of fear and pain on the bandit leader’s face as Filtiarn sliced off his tongue and the air around her began to shimmer, her movements growing quicker, her rage growing and her weapon beginning to give off a faint orange glow. The unneeded torture reminded her of being whipped by the slavers in the pit, reminded her of the demons gutting her parents while she could only watch from the ethereal plane her mother had cast her in only moments before to save her. The blade in her hands began to sing as it moved and glow white-hot, streams of light hanging in the air. She could feel the wave of heat wash over her as her father sacrificed himself in a fiery explosion to wipe the demons away, leaving her alone with the burning remains of her home. She couldn’t stop them. She swung harder, faster, more reckless; trying to change the past in her mind.

Something moved in the dark to her side, she spun, blade at the ready. “Who goes there?” she asked, her eyes wide and beginning to brim with tears as she relived the past. “I will not ask again.” Sera looked where the movement had been and found nothing, just crates to the side. Something brushed against her cheek, it’s touch both cold and familiar. Sera jumped back, bewildered, “Show yourself,” she said meekly, not entirely wanting to know who or what it was. The wind picked up and the trees began to rustle, Sera could hear the buzzing of wings around her. She took a deep breath and banished away her dark thoughts. Her goddess was with her and she would not fail. The sun began to rise and Sera took a walk to the nearest hill to watch the new day begin and her companions to wake. They were given a mission from a king and chose to join in the fight to protect the owner’s of this trading post; she would see it done. Not even her past could stop her in this, only fuel her determination to move forward.



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