Sam's Campaign


Character Creation

Hello all! We are going to be starting up a new campaign!!! Woo!! Get excited!! YEA. So, anyways, what you all need to do is to create your characters. When you create your characters I need you to think of a few things.

1) You will be starting with gold based on your class as seen here:—-final#Table-Starting-Character-Wealth

2) The way that you will determine what attributes you have is to roll 4d6 and throw away the lowest roll. You’ll do this 6 times for your stats then assign them as you want.

3) You need to make a back story. It just makes the game more fun and I get to pick on each of you in your own way :P

4) I need to see your characters before you start to make sure they aren’t too ridiculous. I will also be needing to see your backstory so I can pick out your traits.

Please contact me if you have any questions.



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