Mentys Pathra Zov

Half-Drow oracle / geologist, haunted by 2 spirits


5’6" 130lbs
Silver hair
Ashy gray skin
Double-cursed oracle of stone
Geology graduate student
Talks in gibberish


Parents and Birth
My parents met by a chance encounter. My mother was a drow matriarch aggressively expanding her territory towards the surface. My father was a high and powerful cleric traveling from city to city, tending to the sick. The drow army expected resistance from the surface, but they did not expect to be attacked from behind. A rush of migrating cave-dwelling goblins flanked my mother’s army and cut her off from the main group. Flinging incendiary devices and flash grenades, she became critically injured and collapsed out in the sunlight. My father had been passing by at that exact moment and rushed to her aid. He tended to her wounds and nursed her back to health. My mother couldn’t understand why a human would help a drow. They fell in love and became an unconquerable duo. They met up with the other drow she commanded only to find that the city was in ruins, devastated by the goblins. My mother wanted vengeance, while my father sought to contain the outbreak of crazed goblins. Instead of a quest for expansion to the surface, the campaign turned into an everlasting goblin hunt lasting 3 years, plunging straight into the Orv. There they had had dealt the final blow to the goblin infestation. My parents, free from battle, settled down and work towards rebuilding the city. I was born into this new and changing drow world, as ancient drow traditions met with my father’s teachings and faith.

Growing Up and College Experience
My parents wanted a good life for me and at a young age sent me off to Thassalonia to get a proper education. They wanted me to go into some sort of cleric/medical profession and sent me to a school of dentistry. I wasn’t really interested in teeth, but I was naive and didn’t know any better. Seeing as it wasn’t my forte, I started to fail a lot of my classes. During a summer excursion abroad, I met up with an indigenous set of stone giants. I learned a lot about Mother Golarion, communicating with one’s ancestors, and respecting the natural environment. I became so hooked on the idea of geology that I decided to change my major. My parents were not pleased. They couldn’t see how geology was going to help the sick and needy, much less how I could make a living off of it. I tried explaining that our city could be preserved, by simply trying to understand the natural formations of the Darklands. My parents were not impressed and wouldn’t speak to me. I decided to finish my education, despite them. Little did I know, this would be the last time I spoke to my parents.

Senior Year
I went home during break, trying to bring the peace, only to find that the entrance to the city was now a solid wall o f rock and rubble. “What was going on?” After careful examination of the surround debris and applying some test strips to sample dust and rocks, I had determined that it was a level 5 cave-in. “How could this have happened? Only extreme tectonic activity can cause this level of destruction.” No activity of this kind had been reported or even felt by the local populous. “Why is there so much glass? Only extreme heat can melt quench an area this large.” I continued my search and I was shocked at what I found next: mountains of incendiary debris. The whole city had been glassed and caved in. “Did the goblins come back?” “YES!” “What?!? Who said that?” Was I losing my mind? I started hearing voices. Strange words filled my head. I struggled to concentrate. Sharp pain shot through my brain. It felt like my head was on fire. I awoke 4 days later, meek and hungry. I still don’t know what happened in full, but I have my suspicions. “I’m sorry you guys. I could have saved you.” I returned to school. The other students gave me their deepest condolences, but I didn’t want to think about it. Every “I’m so sorry” drove me into agony. “Leave me alone, rakitajaloris doh quehori!” ….what was I saying? Thankfully, one of the counselors took me in and gave me a place to stay. The university gave me a huge scholarship for my grief. “Thanks I guess. Sorry your parents die in a mishap sadirasetro aet major. If only you could geinjeti burocki desteri the data.”

Post-Graduate Work
I continued into the world of geology, in which I had fallen so hard. “Da dunt che!” I am working to achieve success in this field while constantly….struggling…. against my disability. I have begun preliminary work in several research projects and theses. There are as follows:

1. Darkland Speleology and Conservation.
2. Tectonic Shifts and their relation to “Earthfall.”
3. Combating ignorance and the destruction of Stone Giant culture.
4. Preservation of critically endangered cavernous and montane languages.
5. Children of the Night: A Terran language program designed to keep Drow youth off the streets and out of prostitution rings.

I am just trying to build a better world in which the Golarion is respected, stone giants aren’t sold into rune slavery, drow can live in peace, and frickin’ goblins don’t murder parents.

Mentys Pathra Zov

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