Filtiarn is a Human Ranger, he is just under 6ft tall at 5ft 10in and 170lbs. He is a ordinary looking man with brown hair and eyes. He is not ugly nor handsome. He is quite the average looking joe.


Breath passed through my lips leaving mist on the air. Trees surrounded me hiding my quarry before me. No matter, I thought, as I looked to the ground; they cannot hide. I moved silently through the trees until I came upon a field. A great elk stood in the middle of the field eating at the grass at its feet. I quickly drew an arrow from my quiver and nocked it; one motion I thought and quickly drew my bow and released. The arrow landed right where the heart should lie and the elk collapsed.

I stepped into the field, grass crunching beneath my feet. Keeping an arrow nocked I slowly approached the elk. It lay upon the ground breathing raggedly. I had just missed the heart. I drew my hunting knife and plunged it into its heart.
Frost leapt from branches as I brushed against them. I moved through the forest dragging the elk behind me. This would be enough food to feed my family for a few weeks I thought to myself happily.

The forest lightened as I approached its edge, I could see the orange glow of a fire lying upon the tree trunks and hear the faint snapping of wood. Something’s not right; I abandoned the elk and broke into a run. I began to make out screams; I ran faster my heart pounding in my chest. I broke out of the forest and stopped in shock. A pillar of flame reaching into the night sky filled my sight. The town was on fire. I sprinted towards the town.

Elwark the smith lay face down bleeding from a large wound on his back. I knelt down and laid two fingers on his neck; dead. His wound looked as if it had come from the talons of some large bird. I have to reach my family I thought.

My house hadn’t caught fire yet. Where was my family; I burst through the front door and moved towards the back of the house. I heard a scream, it was Ellias. I ran into the room where the scream had come from. Ellia was crouched in the corner clutching our baby to her chest. A man stood in the room reaching towards her with an arm covered in black runes and ending in a talon and a great sword writhed in flames in his other hand.

“GET AWAY FROM HER” I screamed as I leapt across the room my hunting knife in hand. I went to plunge my knife into his chest. A searing pain leapt across my face as his hand struck my head. Dazed I could only watch as he approached me. I could hear my ribs crack as he kicked me. He picked my hunting knife off the ground and drove it into my gut. I gasped; Ellia screamed.

He turned his attention again to my wife and child. He glanced at me over his shoulder with a twisted smile on his face as he drove his great sword through their bodies. The flames from the sword jumped onto their bodies consuming them.

I woke days later in an army infirmary. I was told that I was the only survivor of the attack; I had been barely clinging onto life when they had found me. I asked them what happened to the attacker and was told he had disappeared. They tried to track him but he escaped. They told me that this wasn’t the first time a man fitting this description had attacked and that they believed he was called Birsha.

It took a few weeks but I regained my strength and began to track this man called Birsha determined to repay him. Eventually the trail ran cold, reports of him dried up, and mysterious deaths stopped happening in the area. I refused to give up however and continued to look for him. I was passing through a town when I heard a man calling out news. The king of Brevoy was looking for able body adventures to explore the Greenbelt region. Not knowing where to look for Birsha and my funds running low I decided that the Greenbelt region would be as good as anywhere to continue my search for this man and I could make some money while doing it. With these thoughts in mind I made my way to Oleg’s Trading Post.


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