Seraphina Fierna Edasseril


Seraphina Fierna Edasseril stands at just over 5’9" with sunkissed skin and flowing hair of multiple red hues that reaches down to her lower back when standing still. Her irises are a golden hue and the color appears to flicker shades of flame when excited. Always with her are a multitude of blades and weapons and she is always ready for the next target.

Fighter: Two-Weapon Warrior, Gladiator, Unbreakable
Barbarian: Titan Mauler, Totem Warrior (Lesser Spirit Totem)


Present Day
The rogue smirked as he stepped back out of her reach, his blade covered in fresh blood, “and that’s why pretty little girls like yourself shouldn’t play with knives.” The jolt in Sera’s left side was intense and she could feel the poison that coated the dagger slithering through her veins, her senses already beginning to dull.
The warm blood now running down her leg onto the arena ground reminded her that she had survived the rogue’s blade. The finely wrought elven steel in her hands reminded her of why that was still the case and of all she had lost for it over the years. The man in front of her danced back and forth, his form wavering as the poison ran its course. His smirk grew wider as he watched her stagger slightly and began to move forward to finish her off.
Sera focused on the cold steel separating her from the quickly approaching threat and cleared her mind. She would not die today and it would not be to this man. Adrenaline began crashing through her system and with it, the searing heat of her ancestors. The blood running down her leg began to boil and momentarily lit aflame, cauterizing the wound in her side.
The man in front of her was no longer a threat, just an obstacle, one that would be overcome. Sera charged and quickly fell into the forms her late father taught her; “The Dove takes Flight, Twisting the Wind, Kissing the Adder.” The man was quick, but not quick enough to evade her unrelenting assault. Sera focused only on the next movement, her mind void of emotions or other thoughts. The crowd was silent as she danced, their captivation matching Sera’s focus.
The rogue was no longer among the living as Sera began walking away, the guards opening the door that had kept her prisoner for the last two years, their awe of what just happened dismissing the thought she was a mere gladiator slave. As she walked through the city and out the front gate, no one stopped her.

Her captors didn’t hold off for long though and Sera found herself hunted over the course of the next week, almost being caught a few times as she traveled through the surrounding forests and tried to return home, to no avail. She knew nothing of the surrounding area and became hopelessly lost almost immediately. At the end of the week she found herself surrounded. The men came at her only a few at a time to her happy surprise and she dispatched them quickly. When only one man survived, she stopped and offered him a choice, “to die or to take her back home unchained.” The man saw the opportunity to live and maybe even get a reward for bringing the prisoner back and took it.
Once the city was back into sight, the man never made it to the gates. Sera joined the nearest caravan and reentered the city of her captors. She made her way to the slave-master and before he could recognize who she was, ended his life. Her freedom now permanent by blood, she reclaimed her father’s Elven Curve Blade stolen from her when her family was murdered by demons and pillaged by slavers from the corpse of the slave-master. The last slaver finally dead by her hands, Sera’s quest for freedom was now at an end and her quest for retribution against the demon’s who murdered her family begun.
Knowing she would never be welcome in this town due to her status as a former slave and for the murder of the slave master, Sera ran. She ran as far as she could, as fast as she could down the south path out of town. She ran until she found herself in the next town where no one knew her face or her story. With her father’s blade in hand, she sold herself as a sellsword for a few weeks until she came across a poster detailing the king’s search for able-bodied adventurers to scout the Greenbelt region.
Sera knew she was no match for demons, but with her father’s blade at her side, a bit of gold from the king, and the experience she could gain from those she could potentially travel with, she knew one day it would happen and her family would be avenged.

The journey from the northern edge of Kyonin to Brevoy was rife with danger and Sera spent the week’s journey doing her best to evade the fringe settlements of the elven lands. The slaver she murdered was more powerful than she knew and many of the humans of the shady underbelly of the area were now after her for the price on her head. For the most part, it was simple to evade them. Humans required light to make their way through the forests of her home, she required none. Her blend of elemental heritage and elven senses gave her many advantages over the humans. Still, with majority numbers scouring the area for her, she had already been caught a number of times, bloodshed the result of each encounter. Due to her hunters being decently prepared, she had managed to pick up a few trinkets here and there; such as rope, a shovel and crowbar at one campsite, and meat; a much needed resource since she couldn’t exactly hunt on the run.
Once she crossed the border into Brevoy, evading her captors became even more difficult as the land was more occupied and her appearance was exotic even by the elven standards of her kind, making it difficult to avoid notice when she came near a settlement. Her appearance did give her advantages however, bringing information out of men’s mouth quicker than most others could. She only had to put them in their place occasionally, which was refreshing given the last few years as a gladiator and slave. Lighting certain body parts aflame usually did the trick for humans, something that has saved her multiple times when in such situations.
Oleg’s Trading Post took about another week to reach, much more out of the way than Sera had expected, but the trip there was void of the hustle and bustle of when she first entered the region and her pursuers did not follow her this far, probably being unaware of where she was actually headed. Finally reaching the place, Sera took one last look at the latest wanted poster offering 100g for her capture, “alive and screaming,” it said, Sera lit the parchment aflame and walked into the Trading Post, ready to start her life anew.

Seraphina Fierna Edasseril

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